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Mechanical & Thermal Loads

Stress Analysis of Structure under Mechanical & Thermal Loads

We have simulation facilities for thermal analysis for steady and transient heat conduction in structural members subjected to heat flux. We have expertise in the following thermal analysis applications.

  • Thermal analysis for structural of aerospace and other application
  • Thermal analysis for insulator aerospace and other application
  • Thermal analysis for fins for engine subjected to cyclic thermal loading
  • Thermal analysis of Heat Exchangers
  • Mechanical structures are often subject to mechanical as well as thermal loading, under such conditions deformation is not only due to mechanical load but thermal load also aggravates to structure deformations. Thermal/heat loads causes temperature distributions based on source-sink of the heat load & thermal conductivity of metal. The thermal gradient in turns causes thermal stresses & strains in mechanical structure. Therefore it becomes extremely important to carry out stress analysis under application of both the loads. At ELTA Engineering we carry out coupled analysis for thermal & mechanical loading.

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