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FEA of Riveted, Welded & Bolted Structures

FEA of Riveted, Welded & Bolted Mechanical/Aerospace Structures

In engineering practice it is often required that two sheets or plates are joined together and carry the load in such ways that the joint highly stressed condition. A riveted joint is easily conceived between two plates overlapping at edges, making holes through thickness of both, passing the stem of rivet through holes and creating the head at the end of the stem on the other side. If force at each of the free edges is applied for pulling the plate apart the tensile stress in the plate along the row of rivet hole and shearing stress in rivets will create resisting force. Such joints have been frequently used in aerospace structures, boilers and ships.

When we talk of connection in mechanical structure which is connected by hundreds of rivets, one cannot do expensive 3D modeling & contact analysis all the time to get the analysis results of the joints. Therefore there is a need to develop an effective methodology to handle such complicated problems without losing accuracy of result.

ELTA Engineering Services’ Design-Analysis Centre’ has developed and practicing special methodology for modeling fastener using combination of 1D , 2D elements to determine adequacy of riveted/bolted joint and calculation of stresses developed for complicated structures.

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