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  • Ribs and Spars/Longerons for Wing, Rudder, Front Stabilizer, Fin, Flaperon
  • Frames, Bulkheads, Ribs of the frame of front, rear and centre fuselage
  • Panels for top/bottom skin of wings, fuselage, etc.
  • Control & attachment brackets for slats, rudder, elevators, flaps, ailerons, air brakes, etc.
  • Lugs, fittings, couplings, beam for various attachments in Aerospace structures
  • Hatch covers for Engine Access, fuel-removal, avionics changeover, scheduled maintenance, etc.
  • Leading/Trailing edge member of Wings, Rudder, Canard & Stabilizers
  • Pylon, Brackets and Ejector rails
  • Parts of turbine, pumps
  • Machining of forged, casted components
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